Book Review: The Black Book of Colors

The Black Book of ColorsHow would a blind/visually impaired person respond to the question “What is Color”? The Black Book of Colors¬†by Menena Cottin helps put color in perspective for adults as well as children. The entire book, including the embossed illustrations are in black. The white text is accompanied by the Braille equivalent. “Brown crunches under his feet like fall leaves”. The author reveals that while a blind person cannot see, color can be associated with the other senses. “Sometimes it smells like chocolate, and other times it stinks.” [smile] Children will quickly catch on, and contribute. The sensory experience of this book is engaging, and the Braille alphabet can be found in the back. Parents will want to pass on that just as a toddler learns their colors, a visually impaired person needs to learn color’s sensory associations. – A great book to share for empathy and understanding. (Pilcrow Grant Award Book)

Pilcrow Foundation Grant Received

FullSizeRender (1)The Angelica Free Library is happy to announce that it received the Children’s Book Project Grant through the Pilcrow Foundation. As a matching fund grant, the community raised $400, and the Pilcrow foundation awarded us with $1200 worth of children’s books – a total of 72 books. We also received an additional 23 math and science books. The Library is grateful to the Pilcrow foundation, their sponsors Jan & Bill Scheerer, and Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman, and to all community members who contributed to the fundraiser. Additional¬†thanks to the Sweet Shop for donating cookies to the donors, and to Tammy Wise for creating the fundraising “tree”. Patrons young and old are encouraged to “check out” these new books!

Endowment Fund

The Allegany County Area Foundation has announced the creation of the Angelica Free Library Endowment Fund. The Board of Trustees of the library has established this fund to accept and generate monies to insure and enhance the growth of library programs and services for the betterment of the Angelica community. This endowment fund provides the opportunity for friends of the library to contribute to the support and renewal of its activities and facilities.

If you would like to support the Angelica Free Library Endowment Fund, please visit: and select the donate page or call 585-808-8444 for more information.

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